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Actuators are the backbone of any robotic system and traditionally

These actuators require additional complex embedded system development, sensor integration and software level real-time control system development. ATSM provide smart actuators which houses all these essential components within a compact casing and provide a friendly user interface for rapid prototyping and industrial level product development. Use of smart actuators reduces the integration complexity and product development time during automated solution development. User will have option to select from wide range of different smart actuators depending on torque and speed requirements.

Each actuator comes with different torque and rpm ratings and each actuator has an embedded position, velocity and current controller along with temperature feedback for joint protection. The smart actuator has higher torque density, more torque output, better heat dissipation abilities and impact resistance feature. The highly embedded integrated chip has multiple protections including overvoltage, overcurrent, over temperature, short circuit, stall and under voltage.

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