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ATSM Offers Modern high-security mantraps

Or portals using automatic systems with interlocking doors directly interfaced with access control devices.

Doors are automatically unlocked when the control system gives permission, but the second door remains locked until the first door is open, thus trapping the person inside the portal for a few seconds.

We provide multiple integrated solutions, in order to create a very high-security portal. Integration makes the systems more solid, preventing the passage of unauthorized persons or simultaneous multiple persons.

Our well-equipped solution shall include the following features to ensure High-protection,

1. Person presence sensors
2. Volumetric sensors
3. Single person passage detector
4. Weighing cell system
5. Anti-hostage detection system
6. Metal detector
7. Piggybacking detection system (if one person takes the other in his arms or on horseback)
8. Password / badge / electronic keys readers
9. Face Detection with anti-masking detection
10. Fingerprint capture system with false fingerprint detection